What is GTA ?
Gene Technology Alliance (GTA) is committed to enhance and popularize gene data storage and application services globally. Relying on YottaChain data storage and encryption technology of cryptography, it aims to build the world's first gene data storage blockchain with concrete application value.
Whole Genome Sequencing

Detect 3 billion base pairs (including all human genes);

Once in a life and lifetime use. Detection accuracy reaches to 99.99%;

The detection results include 84 precise drugs, 202 disease risks, 89 trait genes and 4011 single-gene diseases;

Food intolerance, drug intolerance, nutrient metabolism and trace element absorption are detected;

and also includes high risk of cancer, family genetic risk, risk of genetic mutation;

Through detecting the whole body genes, targeted preventive measures are taken according to their own health risks.

Gene Data Storage

According to YottaChain data storage and encryption technology of cryptography,

YottaChain blockchain storage main chain has reached global prominence in data reliability and security.

Four advantages of the project
Sequencing and decoding advantages
It has the world's top personal whole genome sequencing technology. Dr.Yu Rongshan ranks second in gene decoding technology in the world
Secure storage advantage
Based on YottaChain data storage technology, it is the most advanced and secure distributed storage technology in the world
Commercial closed-loop advantage
It has pioneered the mode of using blockchain technology to drive gene data storage, benefiting the whole mankind. GTA will combine customer storage, alliance members, super nodes, data centers, and scientific research users to form a complete business closed-loop with mutual benefit and win-win outcome
Incentive mechanism advantage
Through unique incentive mechanism, IPFS/GTA will generate value consensus among all participants, thus bringing abundant gains for participants, and is favored and pursued by health and blockchain enthusiasts all over the world
Foundation members
(Palaszczuk Hon Heinrich)
GTA Foundation Chairman
Former Governor of Queensland, Australia
Former Minister of Natural Resources and Mining of Queensland
Former Minister of Primary Industry of Queensland
Former Minister of Health of Queensland
Former Fisheries Minister of Queensland
Responsible for overall management and major decision making of GTA Foundation
Edvard Moser
GTA Scientist Consultant
Norway psychologist and neuroscientist
Awarded Norwegian Royal St Olaf Medal in 2018
Awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2014
Awarded Korber European Science Prize in 2014
Elected Foreign Member of National Academy of Sciences in 2014
Awarded Karl Spencer Lashley Prize of American Philosophical Society in 2014
Awarded Louis Gross Horwitz Prize of Columbia University in 2013
Awarded Neuroscience Industry Award of Perl-UNC in 2012
Elected Member of European Academy of Sciences
Responsible for Research and Application of Gene Technology and Stem Cell Technology
Li Yunming
GTA Foundation Alliance President
Distinguished Chinese Entrepreneur and Financial Expert
With more than 30 years of successful experience in enterprise investment and management, including: business, real estate, Internet, finance, big health, etc.
Chairman of Anhui Yunchao Group
Chairman of Anhui Yunchao Group
Chairman of Australia CDF Investment Group
Responsible for the overall management and major affairs of Union Council in the GTA Foundation
Alex Wang
Scientist of Encrypted Storage Foundation of GTA
China Top 10 Youth Scientist
Distributed Storage & Cryptography Scientist
Top 10 Outstanding Youth Scientist of Chinese Software Industry
Outstanding Engineer in China
Founder of YottaChain
Chairman of UOML-X technical committee, OASIS international industry standards organization
Scientist of cryptograph (20+ years) ,distributed storage (8 years) and digital document (20 years);
In Charge of Genetic data storage and encryption technology in GTA Foundation
Edvard George Fitzgerald Smoot III
Scientist of Artificial Intelligence Foundation of GTA
Owner of Nobel Prize in Physics(2006), one of the four National Gene Centers
Astrophysicist, Cosmologist and Professor of physics, UC. Berkeley
Owner of Einstein medal(2003)
PhD in particle physics from MIT(1970)
In charge of research and application of artificial intelligence and genetic data in GTA Foundation.
Alliance Member
As an enterprise and public institution actively responding to the GTA Foundation, alliance member units provide health management services for global customers.
National Gene Center-Yunchao Group

Anhui Yunchao group is located in the national gene center -- Bantang biological valley in Chaohu. Bantang hot spring -- means half hot and half cold springs, and ranks China’s four hot springs with Huaqing pool, where Yang guifei bathed in xi 'an.

As China's top gene technology company, it focuses on genome research and gene technology application&development. Core business includes high-throughput gene sequencing, gene decoding, gene data storage and other services. With 300 scientific research workers, Chaoyun Group has invented more than 100 patented technologies, and is a leading enterprise in the field of gene science and technology in China

China · Bantang Biological Valley

1.The only comprehensive national large gene center approved by national development and reform commission and the ministry of science and technologyin 2017.

2.Covering an area of 31.5 square kilometers and with a total planned investment of 107.6 billion yuan, it is the world's first bio-economic pilot zone.

3.The highland of national strategy and global gene science and technology, creating the future of life science and technology!

4. Four Nobel Prize workstations, including Mario J. Molina, Ferid Murad, Rolf M. Zinkernagel, George Fitzgerald Smoot III

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